Become A Volunteer

Become A Volunteer

Individual Registration:

Volunteers who are not participating on a team, please select a tributary from the Tributaries Page. Please contact the Tributary Leader for your clean up area for answers to your questions.

Team Registration:

Teams should have a Team Captain. The Team Captain will share valuable information with the team, be the point of contact between the team and Tributary Leader and assist in getting all participants registered. The Team Captain will collect all Liability Forms and deliver them to the the Tributary Leader on event day. Please visit the Tributaries Page to select a tributary and then register a team.

Registration Instructions:

Please print a “Group Liability Release Form” or “Individual Liability Release Form“. Every volunteer will need to sign the release forms. Original signed copies of liability forms must be provided to the tributary leaders in order to participate in the clean up.

For additional questions or submission information, please contact your Tributary Leader or for general volunteering questions, Contact Us or at:  210.858.8520.

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