Environmental Education

Environmental Education

The Basura Bash commitment to cleaning up our waterways doesn’t end with our one day clean up. Help us reduce the trash in our waterways. If it recycles, SLASH IT! Don’t trash it!

Much of what we conveniently toss in our work, school, and residential trashcan on a daily basis, or haul from our closests and garages to the curb once or twice a year, should not be tossed as trash but recycled as renewable and reusable resources

Recycle education pages funded through an Alamo Area Council of Governments Solid Waste Reduction Grant; facilitated by the San Antonio River Authority.

During 2005, the Basura Bash Planning Organization established a goal to slash by half the amount of trash it sent to the landfill. How? By recycling what wasn’t really trash at all.

At work, at school, at home, and at the curb:  Take at look at how much you’re tossing. Wherever You Are, Recycle Like There’s No Tomorrow!