Basura Bash Collection Stats

Basura Bash Collection Stats

Here you can find an archive of previous year’s events along with the below statistics about the trash that’s been collected through the years. Scroll down the page to see event information from previous years.

Did you know . . . ?

The largest item collected:  The bed of a Ford pick-up truck.

The smallest item collected:  Cigarette butts.

The most unusual item collected:  A washing machine that appeared to be in working condition.

The most common item collected:  Plastic shopping and grocery bags.

The most dangerous item collected:  Syringes. Volunteers are asked to report all drug related paraphernalia to event coordinators via walkie-talkies so that they may be properly collected and disposed.

Basura Bash Slashes Trash!

In 2005, the Basura Bash Planning Organization modified its litter pick-up program to include recycling of plastics, paper, and bottles. To date, volunteers have picked up 31.02 tons of recyclables.

Now in our 24th year!

The FACTS about TRASH collected by Basura Bash Volunteers:

20 Year Collection Totals

Number of Volunteers: 34,120
Trash Collected: 556.4 tons
Recyclables Collected: 44.96 tons
Tires Collected: 5,521


Number of Volunteers: Coming Soon!
Trash Collected: Coming Soon!
Recyclables Collected: Coming Soon!
Tires Collected: Coming Soon!


Number of Volunteers: 3,000
Trash Collected: 32.8 tons
Recyclables Collected: 1.14 tons of metal
Tires Collected: 84


Number of Volunteers: 2,336
Trash Collected: 27.7 tons
Recyclables Collected: 0.84 tons of metal
Tires Collected: 205


Number of Volunteers: 2,100
Trash Collected: 45 tons
Recyclables Collected: 1 ton of metal
Tires Collected: 159