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Plastic Bottles From All Over the World - Washed Ashore in Padre Island National Seashore

Please click on the links below for additional websites related to Basura Bash, healthy watershed management, environmental awareness and waterways clean ups.

Picture to right is a Collection of Plastic Bottles From All Over the World - Washed Ashore in
Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, TX.

Click on the pic to see a larger detail of where all they came from.
Thanks to William "Buzz" Botts, Education Coordinator at Padre Island National Seashore for providing the pic.


  • The Story of Bottled WaterThe makers of The Story of Stuff have a new video about the "manufactured demand" of expensive bottled water. The Story of Bottled Water was released on March 22, 2010 World Water Day.

    This short animated film explains the bottled water industry's attacks on tap water while hypocritically using seductive environmentally themed ads to cover up the mountains of plastic waste produced. Explore the irony behind our nation's addiction to bottled water when we have clean water for virtually nothing. Will we choose to put our money in the pockets of multinational water bottlers while additionally paying for the disposal and other environmental costs of the enormous amounts of plastic refuse through our public landfills and waste disposal systems or will we choose to investment our resources in the infrastructure necessary to have clean, affordable water for everyone?


  • Bottled Water Myth Versus Reality - As The Story of Bottled Water points out, the bottled water industry manufactures consumer demand for bottled water through the promotion of a variety of myths. This fact sheet takes a closer look at these myths, and the realities that they obscure.

  • Plastics Kill - Rise Above Plastics - http://riseaboveplastics.org - Billions and Billions of Plastic Bags! Each year over 500 billion plastic bags are consumed worldwide - only a fraction of which are ever recycled. What makes these bags such an environmental nightmare? Learn more...

  • Fantastic list of Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - This webpage is a great resource of information on ways to protect our environment.  You can learn about plastic recycling, saving energy, preventing air pollution, composting, and more!  Many thanks to Conner for sharing this link with us!

  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Over 7 million tons of plastic spanning an area twice the size of Texas destroying our oceans and harming our food chains. 

  • World's Biggest Garbage Dump - Plastic In The Ocean  - The world biggest garbage dumps are the floating kind that when combined is twice the size of the USA.

  • Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Capt. Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation first discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- an endless floating waste of plastic trash. From TED Ideas Worth Spreading

  • Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone - Nutrient Runoff Creates Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico. Hypoxic zones are areas in the ocean of such low oxygen concentration that animal life suffocates and dies, and as a result are sometimes called "dead zones." One of the largest dead zones forms in the Gulf of Mexico every spring. This data visualization discusses the causes of hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. More info at NOAA Healthy watersheds and waterways prevent this from happening.

  • National Public Lands Day - The fourth Saturday of September is set aside each year for a day to help preserve our public lands.  In San Antonio, several agencies and volunteer groups clean, plant, inventory, repair and maintain public facilities around town. San Antonio also includes the city's graffitti wipeout as part of National Public Lands Day.

  • Keep San Antonio Beautiful - Keep San Antonio Beautiful (KSAB) is a local non profit organization whose goal is to educate the public about recycling, litter prevention, graffiti abatement and community stewardship. Keep San antonio Beautiful is the local affiliate for Keep Texas Beautiful.

  • San Antonio Parks and Recreation Natural Areas - Medina River Natural Area is one of the Basura Bash tributaries and has a Viva Voluntarios volunteer day every last Saturday of the month. They do clean-up of trash, plant native plants and remove exotic plants. See website for more details or call 210.624.2575.

  • San Antonio River Authority (SARA) - The guiding principle of the San Antonio River Authority’s Education Outreach Program is that students who have an understanding of and are engaged in water as it relates to the communities in which they live are more apt to develop a sense of ownership in and stewardship for this most precious natural resource. Our goal is to help foster this sense of stewardship by providing water education materials and hands-on activities that are tailored specifically to the San Antonio River Basin. SARA offers several opportunities for students to learn about and engage in their river basin.

  • San Antonio River Authority (SARA) - http://www.sara-tx.org/site/public_info/litter.php# This link is an excellent educational tool about disposing of old tires, plastic water bottles and styrofoam containers from fast food restaurants.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Three great links for finding information on your own watershed. You can check them out here: 

    1. Upper San Antonio Watershed Profile
    2. Surf Your Watershed
    3. Find Your Watershed