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Basura Bash Annual Event

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Cleanup Date: February 18, 2017


Individual Registration:

Volunteers who are not participating on a team follow the instructions below.  Please contact the Tributary Leader for your clean up area for answers to your questions.

Team Registration:

Teams should have a Team Captain. The Team Captain will share valuable information with the team, be the point of contact between the team and Tributary Leader and assist in getting all participants registered. The Team Captain will collect all Liability Forms and deliver them to the the Tributary Leader on event day. The registration system allows Team Captains to update the number of volunteers on their team as needed.  The email address used for the initial registration is the user name and the password selected under Step 4 below.  Instructions on how to update your team information will be provided once the initial registration process is complete.

Registration Instructions:

Please print a "Group Liability Release Form" or "Individual Liability Release Form". Every volunteer will need to sign the release forms. Original signed copies of liability forms must be provided to the tributary leaders in order to participate in the clean up.

Lets keep it safe!  Download the Safety Awareness Memo which includes a list of potential hazards, recommended protective gear and equipment, and tips to ensure safe cleanup event.  Please share this information with your team.  

For additional questions or submission information, please contact your Tributary Leader or for general volunteering questions, contact us by email or at:  210.858.8520.

If you forget your password, enter your email address here and follow instructions. Then login and reset your password.

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Step 1: Create a new Team or join an existing Team as applicable. If registering as an individual and NOT joining an existing Team, please input your first and last name or make up a name for yourself under "Create a new team"


Select to join an existing team.

Step 2: Pick a Tributary and/or Zone as applicable.If you chose an existing team, the tributary originally selected with that team should automatically appear here.

Haven't picked a tributary yet?? click here for a map of available clean up locations.

Step 3: Enter Name and Contact Info for at least one person on the team, likely the ‘Group Leader’ or contact person and select whether you are registering as a Team or Individual, select if you need Community Service Form(s) and add your comments as applicable.






Step 4: Enter a Password to allow for your return to the website to update your account if needed. Please also remember your above email address as this will also serve as your username to login and manage your account information if necessary

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Step 5: Please input Recaptcha security words (prevents automated form spamming)and click 'Register' button when complete your registration ...and, don't forget Step 6.




Step 6:  Please remember to download the Group Liability Release Form or Individual Liability Release Form as applicable. All participants must sign and bring form(s) with them on Event Day.